How Kazooticals came to be

People often ask me, what does Kazooticals mean?  My inspiration came from one of my shelties named Kazoo.  When Kazoo was diagnosed with Lymphoma “cancer” at the tender age of 5, I was totally shocked.  When I was told that he only had 3 months to live and the only option available was chemotherapy, I was devastated. All they could tell me was that it might prolong his life, there might be side effects, his immune system would be compromised, and if that wasn’t bad enough, he might lose his fur. What kind of life would he have with the remaining time he was given?  I went through the many stages in dealing with the death of a loved one; shock, denial, blame, and guilt. I would often ask myself, “Did I do something wrong?” “Was there something else I could have done for him?” Then I was overcome with anger and depression along with the continued blame and guilt. Even as I write this editorial I am still overcome with grief and tears come to my eyes. My heart still aches and I wonder…..

I came to the realization there was no cure and ultimately he would die.  I was determined to provide him with the best quality of life with the time he had remaining. Kazoo loved life.  He was my four-legged boy.  I decided that Kazoo’s final days would be spent making the most of the time he had left.  Chemotherapy might have given him more time but not a better quality of life, so I started researching and reading everything on cancer and dog nutrition.

I took Kazoo off all medication and processed foods, and prepared him special home cooked meals. I tried everything from homeopathic to naturopathic treatments. From the time Kazoo was diagnosed to the time he passed away, he had the best time of his life.

The evening Kazoo passed away, he was having trouble breathing, so I laid him down so he would not have to strain to grasp for air. I knew his time was drawing near and yet he looked at me with his gentle eyes almost as if he were telling me that it was time and I had to let go. He would no longer be in pain and I would no longer have to see him suffer. With tears in my eyes, I caressed and stroked his beloved head, and while looking into his trusting eyes, I told him that it was okay to go and that I loved him and would always love him. Shortly after that, Kazoo raised his head up and with his eyes looking straight at me, as if to say his final goodbye, he took his last breath, and then his head fell back and his body lay there lifeless. I held him for a while afterward, crying and holding him tight to my heart. Sometime later, I knew it was time to let him go, for all that remained was the shell his soul once occupied. I wrapped him up in a blanket and buried him the following morning with his favourite toy.

As I am sure most passionate pet owners can relate to my story, our trusted companions may be gone from this life, but they will always remain in our hearts. My memories of Kazoo are happy ones and he will always be remembered. That is why my company name incorporates his name, Kazooticals.

It took a life threatening illness for me to realize what my true passion was in life, to truly help dogs enjoy the quality of their life they deserve.  I love animals, in particular dogs, and I care a great deal about their well being. They are only on this earth for a short time period compared to humans, so while they are with us, my philosophy is that I want them to live as long as possible without pain and suffering. I believe in natural alternatives, not only for myself, but for all dogs.

After Kazoo passed away, my 9 year old sheltie started showing signs of joint pain. I had him tested but arthritis could not be diagnosed at this stage, and rather than wait until he was in severe pain, I investigated alternative supplements.  I was not satisfied with the products on the market so I began doing extensive research and working with a team of chemists and veterinarians. That is why I created Kazooticals Natural Joint Formula, not only for my own dog, but for all dogs who are suffering from joint pain.

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