Hi Mary, I would like to thank you so much for your Kazooticals Natural Joint Formula. My mom just can’t believe what a difference it makes to our walks. We had tried it for a couple of months and were not totally convinced that it was making a big difference so when we ran out, my mom that it was a bright idea not to order any more. Well, walks became a chore - for both of us, and my joints started to ache again. I am so glad my mom smartened up and has reordered more Kazooticals for me. We won’t make the mistake of running out ever again. Thanks again so much. Miss Molly & Carol

 Just wanted to give you an update on Angel and Teddy my two golden retrievers who have been on Kazooticals since mid December

Being goldens they love the water and even in December would be impossible to keep dry luckily they both know enough to stay off the ice so even once there was a foot of ice on the rivers edge they would stay away

These are young dogs 5 and 7 but sometimes I would see signs of joint stiffness which I am very familiar with in dogs as our collie and 3 shelties all suffered from arthritis as they got older

I started giving them each a capful of Kazooticals with their meals and there has been a noticable change, even in what I would consider younger healthy dogs. When we go walking in the Rouge Valley the dogs run down to the river up on the ridge always close but certainly not heeling and at the end of the walk Angel would be lagging a bit behind with me and Teddy would have a noticable limp and sometimes had trouble jumping up 2 feet into the back of the car

After 3 weeks of taking Kazooticals they have the energy and flexability of 3 year olds (you know after the puppy stage)

anyway just wanted to let you know.  Gord B.

Just wanted to send you a quick update.  We’ve had Ceilidh on the Kazooticals for just over a week now and yesterday, all of the sudden, we saw a big improvement in her mobility. 

As mentioned at Woofstock, it was not at a “bad” stage yet and our goal was/is to catch things early and delay progression if possible, but she did have days that were worse than others, especially damp, cold days.  She would also limp after extended bouts of ball (which she could do until she had a heart attack if we let her in years past but in the past few months she’s actually started to quit the game on her own…which was worrisome to us).  The last few days in particular have been damp and cool and yet as of yesterday we noticed she’s not limping at all!
She was also just at that very beginning stage also of the “rocking” to get up from a laying/sitting position to a standing position and she’s getting up much more easily today.  Again, it was early stages of anything but we’re looking at prevention going forward and so far I am really impressed that she stands up quicker and easier. 
JM-Collie Rescue

sophie2As we were finishing off our dinner this evening, my husband Michael turned to me and said that he thinks ’something health wise has happened to Sophie in the past 2 weeks”. When I queried him as to what he specifically meant, he remarked that her appetite has increased, she is very energetic and acting goofy and silly. “Just like she was when we first got her”.

Michael is totally unaware that Sophie has been on Kazooticals. He isn’t the main caregiver for the dogs, doesn’t prepare their meals, and thus had NO idea that I was supplementing her diet twice a day with your product. When I told him what the difference was, he said “The difference in Sophie is profound. It’s as if 5 years have been peeled away from her age”!
Mary, if that isn’t something to be proud of, I don’t know what is. I will definitely be keeping my girl on this supplement. I felt that you needed to hear this little tidbit.
Lotsa love and hugs,

Hi my name is Sam and I am a 5 year old chocolate lab. About a year ago, I started feeling pain in my joints and I was having trouble going up the stairs. I also could not run around with my 3 year old adoptive sister.

She always wants to run in the woods like I used to do but it became too painful for me. My human family noticed that I was not myself and took me to the vet. The doctor told them I had the onset of arthritis and prescribed a NSAID. I developed an allergy to this medicine and it’s a good thing too, because there are too many side effects to this drug. A good friend of my humans recommended using Kazooticals Natural Joint Formula. It not only tastes good, but within a couple of weeks I was feeling better and was able to run and play with my younger sister. My humans are very happy and now we all go for walks in the forest. I continue to use the product and I have become a normal active dog with no signs of joint problems or pain. Thank you Kazooticals for making me feel young again. Gayle Z. Holland  Landing

abbyAbby is my 11 ½ year old German Shepherd.  Two years ago, she was diagnosed with arthritis and she was using a prescribed NSAID. Last month I was told she had a problem with her liver, one of the side effects to using NSAID’s, so I could no longer continue to use the prescribed drug without doing more harm to my dog. That is when a friend referred me to Kazooticals Natural Joint Formula.  After a couple of weeks, I noticed she was able to squat to pee, something she has not able to do in a long time. I recommend this product to anyone who truly loves their pet and wants a safe and effective alternative to drugs. Every day Abby is on Kazooticals Natural Joint Formula, I see becoming her old self again. Susan S.-Markham

kaosrunningThis is a true testimonial of my own 9 ½ year sheltie, Kaos. I would not use any product for my own dog that was not safe or effective. He has been using Kazooticals Natural Joint Formula for over 3 months. Since he started using the product, I noticed a big change in his ability to climb the stairs, run and play. shepperd-testimonialsKaos is the reason I decided to make Kazooticals Natural Joint Formula available to all pet owners. I only want the best my dog, as I am sure all other pet owners want for their own dogs. Mary G.-Richmond Hill

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