Dog Arthritis TreatmentAs passionate pet owners, our pets are more than simply our four legged companions, they are our family. Our pets give us unconditional love and devotion. They make us feel better when we are down, relieve our pain, and improve our outlook on life. Studies have shown that they lower our heart rate and blood pressure, and people with pets can live longer. Our pets do not live as long as we do, so while they are with us, we want them to live as long as possible, without pain and suffering. But as we know, that is not always possible, that is why the most important thing we can offer them in return is the best quality of life.

At Kazooticals, we love animals and consider pets to be part of our family, and therefore, our product has been developed with your pets’ well being in mind.

For pet owners seeking an effective, affordable, safe, and natural treatment for pets suffering from joint pain, Kazooticals Natural Joint Formula is the natural choice.

Easing the pain for one dog does not change the world, but it does change the world for that dog.

Does Your Dog Have Arthritis?I can’t tell you how many dog owners I have talked to about their arthritic dogs who said “my dog suddenly collapsed one day and has arthritis.” Well unfortunately, scientific research and studies contradict this statement. A dog does not suddenly develop arthritis overnight. Then people say, “well my dog was not jumping up on the bed like he used to”, or “he didn’t want to go on walks or run around like he once did.” Well, one would ask, and that would be me, “these can all be signs of the onset of dog arthritis and only a thorough examination from a veterinary can determine if it is.” Then they tell me, “well I did not know that, and I just thought my dog was getting older and just was not able to do these things anymore.”

Our pets cannot verbally tell us when they are hurting but there are signs, or changes in behaviour or attitude, so it’s important to watch for the non-verbal cues closely and take even subtle changes seriously. I always tell people the best judge of your dog’s condition is you, the pet owner.

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